Video is not the only option for effective communication, but it’s a powerful tool for a litany of business issues. Whether you’re making public announcements or sharing your rebrand after a restructuring, you should absolutely be thinking about how video can help you elevate and bring to life what messages you are trying to convey. Here are a few exemplary ways brands and companies have leveraged video to activate their communications:

1. Show You’re Going The Extra Mile With Crisis Communications

When your company is in crisis, every piece of communication is of the utmost importance. A written press release or internal memo can have its place in crisis communications, but also can feel impersonal and cold. Video can allow your company to go the extra mile in keeping your employees and the public up-to-date. Try video messages from the CEO or informational updates to build trust and navigate through the crisis. While this particular campaign wouldn’t work for more serious issues, o.b. Tampons was able to effectively apologize and joke about its products being discontinued with thousands of personalized apology videos that landed in their customer’s inboxes.

2. Turn Public Announcements Into Engaging Presentation

When it comes to making important announcements or sharing company news, the way you present news should be as exciting as the news itself. Video is an invaluable tool for capturing attention and conveying key messages effectively. Whether it’s announcing an exciting merger or new product launch, video allows your company to deliver information in a visually engaging and memorable format. Of course, there aren’t many, if any, companies who can make new product announcements as exciting as Apple can, which you can see in this announcement for the Apple Vision pro.

3. Communicate Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives play a key role in shaping a company’s reputation and brand. Video is an impactful way to communicate CSR efforts, whether it’s highlighting sustainability initiatives or showcasing community outreach programs. By leveraging video to showcase their commitment to making a positive difference, companies can inspire trust and loyalty among customers and stakeholders. When sustainability is as big a part of your brand as it is for Interface, video is a natural investment to make for the brand to beautifully showcase its initiatives.

5. Improve Investor Relations

For companies looking to engage with investors and shareholders, video can be a powerful tool for delivering financial updates, annual reports, and shareholder presentations. By presenting complex financial information in a visually compelling and easy-to-understand format, video helps companies build credibility, transparency, and trust with investors, ultimately strengthening investor relations and driving shareholder value. Shell highlights some key financial figures and new investments into technologies, highlighting its benefits to shareholder value.

6. Make Onboarding A Great First Impression

Chances are in 2024, your team is distributed. Using slick, well produced video as a part of training and onboarding is an excellent way to make a great impression, as well as keep your communications clear and concise. An effective video can ensure your new hires feel informed, supported, and engaged. Create onboarding videos that introduce your company’s culture, values, and procedures to start day one right. Adobe welcomes its new employees with a simple and punchy onboarding video. It effectively ties back its mission to changing the world, highlighting how pervasive Adobe is in the world around you, and includes a personal message from its CEO.

7. Supercharge Your Recruitment Efforts

Attracting top talent requires more than just posting job listings on LinkedIn and Indeed. Video can be a powerful tool for showcasing company culture, highlighting career opportunities, and attracting qualified candidates. Create recruitment videos that give candidates a glimpse into life at the company and share employee testimonials that showcase the company’s unique culture, video helps businesses stand out as employers of choice. MailChimp highlights some of its longest tenured employees that showcase its employees in an offbeat, unusual way to highlight its own culture.

8. Tackle Change Management

When you’re going through ch-ch-ch-changes, managing organizational change effectively requires clear communication, transparency, and empathy. Video can be a good platform for your company’s leaders to share their vision moving forward, rationale for changes, and expectations for its employees. NCR highlighted its split into two different companies with a simple video highlighting the brand promise of NCR Voyix.