Account-based marketing and SEO may be some of the core tactics of B2B marketing, but both TikTok and Instagram Reels can also be potent tools for B2B companies. TikTok is long past the days where it was just a place for dance challenges and lip-sync videos. It’s now home to 1.5 billion active users across the globe. Instagram Reels, on the other hand, boasts over 2 billion active users each month. While both platforms are natural fits for consumer brands in the beauty, food, and fashion space, you’ll be surprised at how B2B brands are engaging with these platforms effectively and creatively. Here are some of our favorite examples of how B2B businesses are harnessing the power of both TikTok and Instagram.

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1. Use popular internet trends to explain your business’ value proposition

Puppies and cute kiddos are always going to crush on the internet. In this Instagram Reels video, Salesforce smartly has a pint-sized spokesperson ask its employees to explain Salesforce’s mission in kid-friendly terms. We love this fun approach to Reels. The next time you are brainstorming how to get your organization’s mission across, think about what types of videos you love to watch and share on social media. Then, think about how your brand can be a part of that conversation in a natural and authentic way.


Take a walk in the shoes of Hafsa Sohail, a Commercial Manager under IBM’s Apprenticeship Program in London. Check out our link in bio to sign up for our talent network. #DayInTheLife

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2. Go behind-the-scenes to recruit young talent

“A day in the life” videos are immensely popular on TikTok amongst young professionals. It’s an easy lift for your team to do, and a valuable tool for recruiting. Put your company’s stylish offices and workplace perks in front of young talent where they are most likely to interact. IBM highlights a typical day for an apprentice in their London office.

3. Let talented creators tell your story

An underrated hack for any business is influencer marketing. It’s a winning investment in a multitude of ways. Not only are you able to have a great creative asset that’s in a different style than your marketing department may regularly use, but you’ll get to put your brand in front of a new audience. Intel partnered with a roster of diverse creatives to show off some of its products in a totally unique way, partnering with cookie, claymation, and arts and crafts creators.


can @Microsoft Copilot help me make a pinhole projector? #SolarEclipse #DIY #DIYIdeas #HowTo #Tutorial

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4. Be a part of the pop culture conversation

Keep track of current events, and see where your brand can fit into the conversation. Microsoft was able to highlight how its AI program, Copilot, could help you find the tools you needed to watch the most recent solar eclipse. The results? 355K views, 180+ comments, and 11k engagements for a video that was most likely simply shot on iPhone. Those are great results for an easy lift.


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5. Build brand’s goodwill and cultural relevance by hopping onto TikTok trends

If you have a nimble social media team, you can take advantage of emerging video trends. A silly little running joke on Instagram Reels and TikTok is where two different people wear the same outfit to make them “look alike.” We love how UPS injects fun and personality into its brand by hopping onto relevant Instagram Reels and TikTok trends.