Internal comms doesn’t have to just be emails and memos–video can add that touch of flavor to your corporate communications strategy that you’ve been looking for. But how do you measure success? Here are some key video metrics that could be useful for you to incorporate in your video internal communications strategy.


Don’t just look at views, but how you’re capturing and retaining audiences. Within most platforms, you can look at video metrics such as view duration and drop-off points to see how your message is actually getting across. If you’re seeing a low video completion rate, that could indicate an issue with your video’s style and content. A benchmark completion rate is around 70%, though this can vary by industry.


Engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments are another indicator of interest in your video. It’s quite simple to add a UTM tracking code to the page your video is hosted in so you can see how often it’s disseminated, and most intranet communication should allow you to capture and measure engagement.  

3. Employee Net Promoter Score

It’s likely your company utilizes an outward facing Net Promoter Score, but have you considered an internal Net Promoter Score? It could be useful to incorporate, especially over time to see how the score changes after instituting a comprehensive internal communications video strategy. While a slick video campaign will never make up for poor management decisions, video can help boost morale and rally employees around your company’s mission.

4. Survey Feedback

A great way to see if employees are resonating with the video content you are disseminating is by simply asking them! This gives you direct insight into how clear the message is and how relevant the video is. You’ll be able to gain actionable insights into employee preferences and perceptions of your company this way!

5. Conversions 

With most internal video campaigns you create, there’s likely a desired outcome you’d like for your team to take. Tracking conversion metrics linked to the call-to-action (CTA) in your videos, such as click-through rates or channel adoption, can help you measure the efficacy of video messaging in driving desired organizational outcomes. Whether it’s encouraging employee participation in training programs or promoting new organizational initiatives, analyzing CTA metrics enables communicators to optimize video content for maximum impact.