You keep hearing that video is integral to B2B marketing strategy, but the question is where and how to share it to get the most impact? Take a look at our guide to delve into the intricacies of B2B video distribution, exploring where and how to strategically share your content to maximize reach, engagement, and ultimately, success!

1. Your Website

Your website is your modern storefront! Take advantage of that by creating an emotion in your visitors, and be respectful not to bog them down with paragraphs of written text. You can harness the power of video on your website to captivate visitors and drive conversions.

However, where on your website matters. When you’re in the process of working with an agency to create compelling video content, go ahead and start thinking about your customer journey. Which landing pages is this content going to resonate the most on? Is it also worth creating shortened versions for different pages? Slack effectively answers the often googled question of “slack vs email” with an engaging animated video embedded on its SEO friendly landing page.

Once you’ve picked your placements, be sure to test, test, and test again. A/B test a few headlines and video placements to see what creates the best results. Leverage Google Analytics to see whether your videos are being engaged with, whether they are being watched thoroughly, and whether they are ultimately moving prospects down your sales funnel.

2. YouTube

Don’t think of it just as a place for funny cat videos. YouTube is an excellent repository for your B2B brand’s videos. Owned by Google, YouTube is also going to help your brand with search visibility, so be sure to apply the rules of vSEO just as much as your digital team pays attention to SEO. It’s also a free platform with robust analytics tools to help you measure success every step of the way.

3. Social Media Platforms

Social media is the place to be for video. For B2B brands, likely, LinkedIn will be a no-brainer platform on which you will want to have active presence. For example, Mailchimp brings to life its customer journey tool from Mailchimp by highlighting how a Brazilian sneaker company uses the tool to reach its goals.

However, more casual social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram can also be a place to post behind-the-scenes content at your company to attract talent. 90% of Instagram users watch video on the platform weekly. Additionally, targeted paid media ads on platforms like TikTok and Instagram could help you break through the social media chatter.

4. Email

Yes, It’s 2024, but email marketing is here to stay. But all the normal tenets of Marketing 101 still apply. Don’t just “spray and pray” for results. Think about segmentation: 1) what videos to send out and 2) to whom? Your current customers may benefit from watching a tutorial or explainer video to get the best use out of your service or product, while a sales prospect may benefit from a compelling case study. Your account-based marketing team can help you identify your sustainability minded accounts that will enjoy taking the time to watch a long-form video about your company’s sustainability efforts, but for the casual email subscriber, they may hit that “unsubscribe” button.

5. Your Mobile App

A lot of time and resources likely went into creating your company’s app, and chances are you’re not utilizing it completely effectively. A big caveat here is you definitely don’t want to just throw a 16by9 aspect ratio video on this platform and call it a day. Create a 4by5 or 9by16 version for mobile, and definitely consider adding captions so your customers can watch it seamlessly on-the-go. 85% of videos viewed on Facebook are viewed without sound, so it’s not a far stretch to assume that they may also be viewed without sound in your company’s app.

6. Investor Presentations

Pitch decks may be the bread and butter of meetings with your investors, but a professional and sleek video summarizing your company’s recent milestones and future financial projections is always going to impress. Go the extra mile and consider taking that boring quarterly report and turn it into something truly spectacular.

7. Sales Enablement

Give your sales team the tools they need to succeed. A short but effective client testimonial video may be what’s needed to convert B2B sales prospects. For your sales team, having product demonstrations video in its back pocket will also be useful to field more technical questions.

8. Industry Conferences and Trade Shows

Incorporating engaging video elements into your company’s booth is going to add a dynamic and more polished element to how you present your company to your peers and prospects. And dare we say if you have the opportunity to present on the big stage at an industry conference, video is going to be a necessity. It’s a sleek way to share your company’s messaging, and adds an element of control, too. A high-production value brand video or customer testimonial is going to come through and be effective every time, even if your presenter is a little nervous that day.

9. Internal Communications

Put some thought into your next town hall meeting. Whether it’s an acquisition announcement or new corporate culture initiative, video can convey information in a compelling and memorable way. Your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors, so engage and enthrall them with well-thought out video.

10. Advertising on Streaming Platforms

These days, video advertising is becoming more customizable and tailored than ever. While social media ads and pay-per-click advertising may still be the gold standard in terms of targeting, don’t discount the potential of pre-roll Youtube ads or sponsored content on streaming services like Hulu. Just like any marketing campaign that you do, pick the right ad creative, audience, and budget to make your company’s mission sing.

GoDaddy’s ad for its Airo product shows that the company’s on the forefront of AI. It gets its message across in 15 seconds, perfect for a YouTube pre-roll ad, and plays when users click on and watch marketing and entrepreneurship videos on YouTube.