For businesses operating in the B2B realm, video as a marketing tool has become not just a trend, but a necessity. However, creating compelling and high quality video content is only part of the equation.

Knowing which metrics to track and analyze is crucial for measuring the success of B2B video marketing efforts. Here are some metrics that could matter when it comes to your next video campaign. We recommend picking 1 or 2 metrics as your main KPIs, and comparing results across multiple campaigns.

1. View Count

It’s a no-brainer, but of course, the number of views you accrue when it comes to any video you create a video. Views, however, are not the end-all, be-all. A hundred views from a hundred high-quality prospects is going to do more for you than ten thousand views from people who have no interest in being your customers. If you’re not getting the number of views you were expecting, it’s not the end of the road. Consider changing your headline, your video thumbnail, or editing the video’s beginning few seconds to create a more engaging “hook.” Additionally, reassess some of your ad targeting, rethink your video platform choices, and ensure the video’s aspect ratio fits the platform for better performance. 


Shares are a coveted form of engagement. A “share” indicates interest and discussion. Your message may have been so compelling it was shared amongst different decision makers at a business you are prospecting. If you have decided that “shares” is the KPI you’d like to measure for, then be sure to create a video with that end-goal in mind. Video that makes someone click “share” may be informative, funny, or insightful and provoke discussion. 

3. Conversion Rate

Take the time to set up conversion rate tracking before you launch your video campaign. Video can be a good compliment to any efforts to generate leads, increase web traffic, and boost business development efforts. 

4. Follower/Subscriber Growth

It’s not just a vanity metric. If a video encourages someone to either follow you on social media or sign up for your newsletter, that’s another opportunity to reach them and convert them in the future. If follower/subscriber growth is your video end goal, then most likely you do want make sure that it’s part of a longer term strategy. Your new followers/subscribers will want more useful video content in the future.  

5. Average View Duration

You can absolutely buy as many views as you wish with paid media, so it’s important to see whether your message is actually sticking by taking a look at the average view duration. Furthermore, what constitutes a “view” varies platform by platform, so if you’re getting a higher video completion rate, that can be a good indicator of true interest in your content and your business.