Show Development

Below is Bread n Butter Content Studio’s current
show development slate for Fall & Winter 2020


Each week Big Boi sets out in search of the best damn seafood anywhere! but first he’s got to find out about how it all happens. And how hard the job really is. He’s gotta find out why the cod he’s air frying is better here than there. Why gulf shrimp is the most sought after in the south. And it all finishes with a friend, a chef, a family member making the food we learned about and reflecting on how it all comes together. From being grateful to inquisitive., from education to entertainment. And it’s all through they eyes of the one and only… Cause, Big Boi’s Gotta Eat!


Host: Big Boi (attachment agreement signed 6/25/20)


Spotlight on black chefs and their approach to dining, we’re hitting the road to discover their stories. It starts at the table where we catch the dinner guest’s mid conversation. You’ll get a feel for the restaurant and for the (easily recognizable) guests that will discuss a multitude of topics including the black diaspora through cooking, the history of ingredients, food injustice, and how it relates to the chef and the guests.



Hosts: Trevor Noah, W. Kamau Bell


It’s Southern Meets Korean in Southern Fried Korean! Asian cuisines are experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity in the US, with Ramen, Hot Pot and Szechuan in the lead, Korean Food has now established itself as the next up-and-comer. So what happens when you take a Korean guy living in the south who’s hungry and searching to understand traditional southern dishes and the history of what made them. after that, he’ll take what he learned and head to his kitchen to try to recreate that dish with ONLY Korean ingredients as his homage to the Southern way.

Hosts: Roy Choi, Jiyeon Lee, Steven Yuen


The internet has plenty of fun, wild and cringeworthy videos of American tailgates that paint a pretty clear picture of how our fans get ready for a big game. But how does the rest of the world get primed to go nuts for their favorite team? On Hungry for the Game, we’re traveling around the world to learn how Cricket fans in India and Australia get ready for some wicked wicket action, what psycho sumo fans in Japan do to pregame before a match, how Spaniards get blitzed before a big bullfight, and much much more.


Hosts: Namdi Asomugha

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