Welcome Aboard

Welcome to Order Up!  We’re excited to be the social media growth solution for your restaurant.  Before we get started, there are a few important things we want to cover with you.  



  • We’ll schedule a 30-minute strategy session to discuss the most important elements of your menu, restaurant, customer base, and brand voice.  
  • We’ll also schedule the first photo shoot during this meeting.



  • Payment is processed via credit card.  We can provide you with a link to enter your credit card information or process it over the phone. 


PHOTOSHOOT – What to Expect

  • At every photo shoot, our team will capture enough photos and videos of your dishes, decor and drinks to last 6-7 months (typically half of your menu)  
  • Your second shoot will be roughly 4-5 months after your first shoot.
  • If you have seasonal dishes, consider that it may take 2-3 weeks for those dishes to be implemented into your calendar.  We can work with you to highlight seasonal dishes, decor, etc on the appropriate dates.



  • After your shoot, you’ll be provided with links to a cloud-based Social Media Calendar and a Menu Organization doc.  The link will be updated WEEKLY and never changes.
  • The purpose of the menu organization doc is to ensure that we correctly document the names and descriptions of your dishes before adding them to the calendar. 
  • As you will notice on your calendar, all copy is written one month in advance, and all photos are selected two months in advance.  
  • Clients are given one round of approvals.  Approvals can occur weekly or bi-weekly as all content will be written 4 weeks in advance of posting.



  • We use a social media publishing tool with all of our clients.  To ensure we are able to fully publish from all of your accounts we will need the following
    • Confirmation that your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected
    • Provide FULL admin access (including meta business suite access) to Jorge Hernandez from our Order Up team.  You can find him at https://www.facebook.com/horgejernandez.  If you have any questions on how to add him as an admin, feel free to reach out.
    • Send us your Instagram password.  This will be needed for collaboration posts with the @atlantaeatstv account.