Content Is Complicated.
We Make It Simple.

Bread n Butter is an Emmy Award-winning video agency, unmatched in passion and expertise in food, beverage, hospitality & brand stories. We help partners communicate across all video channels, and activate their consumers through education and entertainment.

Brand Stories

Brands of all sizes, across multiple industries trust Bread n Butter to create content that entertains, engages, delights and most importantly resonates with their audiences on digital & social channels.

Food/Beverage Work

Our bread & butter, pun intended. The highest quality lighting, food styling, camera quality and an unrivaled passion for making audiences hungry & thirsty- this is our dojo.

Long Form Storytelling

What’s in a good story? An opportunity to create an emotional connection. From there the possibilities are endless- excitement, sympathy, hunger, and more. That’s what long form storytelling can do and Bread n Butter does this day in and day out.

QR code Content

New life and opportunity have been breathed into a distribution channel, and smart operators understand what the perfectly timed crave-worthy video can do at the point of sale in a restaurant, bar, or hospitality property. Bread n Butter has the data and experience to show that QR code video can drive incremental sales of food & beverage purchases.

Social/Digital Content

Social media has become a dominant form of content marketing, audience engagement & distribution. To properly reach audiences on these channels, you need to create content that’s specifically formatted for consumption on a smartphone, or a tablet, in a busy place where audiences give you 3 seconds without audio to decide if they want to watch the whole video. It’s a whole different approach.

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