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a little bit about us

bnb knows b2b.

Having created a wide range of impactful B2B video content, we understand the unique opportunities for communications in a constantly evolving corporate landscape.

Whether it’s brainstorming as partners to develop a comprehensive narrative and plan around a high-level objective, or simply content creation for an important project, we bring the highest standard of quality while always keeping the business initiative in mind.

What we do well


If your customers are your audience 1A, oftentimes your employees are now audience 1B. Constantly reminding them what your business mission is, making them feel great about the place they show up to work and uplifting them when they do a great job is critical in today’s workforce development and retention.

Bread n Butter champions this hugely important storytelling need.


Customers, stakeholders, partners and future employees are your external audience waiting to interact with your company or brand- we understand the responsibility to engage with them and keep them up to date on your products, services, and brand messages.

Bread n Butter is passionate about creating content that speaks to your desired audience.


Then there’s everything else- a high-energy sizzle reel to kick off a convention, an on-site television channel at your location that tells your story in a dynamic fashion, tutorial videos that are beneficial to your customer / employee base, and so much more.


Bread n Butter knows how to drive effective communication for your products and services.

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Kaiser Permanente

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