There’s no reason B2B marketing has to be boring and dry. In fact, aiming for the opposite by creating emotion and feeling can ensure that your business objectives are delivered in a way that creates a lasting impact. Elevate your B2B marketing from the mundane to the memorable by using the power of video! Here are a few simple ways to humanize your B2B brand. 

1. Inject a Little Humor to Bring on the Fun

Who could have thought email marketing could be such a blast? Email marketing platform Mailchimp has always set itself apart from the pack with its vibrant and playful branding. This video reinforces their innovative culture and does an excellent job of making an old-school marketing tool fun, new, and exciting all through the universal element of visual humor. Personalization is additionally a hot topic in marketing, and this video shows that Mailchimp is at the forefront of this trend. 

2. Let Corporate Sustainability Sing

You may think marketing couldn’t get any more functional and utilitarian than from a commercial grade carpet standpoint, but Interface has a distinct point-of-view that sets it apart from its other competitors. Their commitment to sustainability permeates all aspects of their marketing and communications. Despite its global presence, Interface recognizes and respects the diversity of cultures and preferences across its different regions, customizing its approach accordingly.

You can see how they used video to communicate effectively with their Australian audience. This cinematic piece chronicles a collaborative project with aboriginal artists and students to design a collection that showcases the deep connection First Nations people have to Country, a term used to describe the lands, waters, and skies that aboriginal people are connected to through their ancestors. The resulting story is a high quality piece showcasing a range of emotions through the eyes of children set against the beautiful lands of Australia, all while content marketing their products. 

3. Use Relatable Human Experiences to Bring Your Product Features to Life

We love how Adobe elevates the seemingly mundane task of password protecting documents by infusing it with a touch of human experience that will resonate with any busy parent. It’s a catchy, quick, and memorable way to market a product feature. 

4. Let Your Employees Tell Your Authentic Story

Your workforce has the opportunity to relate and elevate your business narrative better than any campaign a swanky ad agency is able to concoct. Showcase your company’s biggest ambassadors through video, ask them leading questions that and let them speak to what makes your company shine. This video we created for Novelis, an industrial aluminum manufacturer, demonstrates some of the things that its employees appreciate most about where they work and the strong commitment their company has towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future.