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By conceiving and producing a weekly Emmy Award winning, food and restaurant-focused television show, we came to understand the importance of the subject matter in today’s culture. Now, we help major brands tell their stories and activate their consumers by speaking the universal language of food.

And that’s what we do best. We live and breathe food. We shoot food day in and day out. And we do it really, really well.

With thousands of hours of video footage under our belts, we have become the industry’s leader in food, dining, cocktail, travel & lifestyle video content.

Our Team

Steak Shapiro

Steak Shapiro


Steak Shapiro is one of the most respected and dynamic business leaders and entrepreneurs in Atlanta. He is recognized as not only a true innovator in the media space but one of the most revered TV / Radio personalities in the Southeast.

Steak founded  two iconic media and entertainment properties both of which he has run as CEO. Big League Broadcasting, which he sold to Lincoln Financial Media in 2011 and currently Bread N Butter, LLC.

Steak’s career has shined as one of the most beloved radio/TV hosts  in Atlanta history as well as being a regular contributor on CNN, Fox News, ESPN, etc. He is also winner of multiple Emmy awards as creator and host of Atlanta Eats along with 2 stints as a featured performer on the Food Network.

Kyle Korelishn

Kyle Korelishn


Kyle Korelishn has been running two of Atlanta’s most dynamic media & content companies since 2019 as President of Bread n Butter Content Studio and Atlanta Eats.

Kyle’s focus on business strategy, combined with his passions for content and technology has served the company since 2012; his work on Atlanta Eats has garnered multiple Emmy awards as an Executive Producer of the brand. In addition, he has been directly involved in launching numerous digital brands and divisions within Bread n Butter including American Eats and Order Up Social Media agency, and more.

Jackson Butler

Jackson Butler

Executive Creative Director

Jackson Butler is an award-winning producer and creative leader in Atlanta’s rapidly growing entertainment industry. A 20 year veteran of the film and television industry, Jackson was born and raised in the metro-Atlanta area. He graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts before beginning his career as a creative producer in scripted development in Los Angeles, CA.

He has produced content for some of the most prominent networks and studios in the industry, including NBC/ Universal, Dreamworks Television, United Artists, Sony Pictures Classics, Viacom, CBS Television, BET, Oxygen, Discovery, Investigation ID, MarVista Entertainment, among others.

Jon Teplow

Jon Teplow

Founder | VP Marketing

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