Video marketing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the ever-evolving landscape of video content, staying ahead of the curve with video trends is crucial for B2B marketers looking to engage and captivate their audience. Here are a few video trends every marketer should have on their radar.

1. Franchisee Videos

Deciding to open a franchise location is a big decision and a big investment. A franchisee video can help make that decision easier for your prospective franchisees. By showcasing success stories and testimonials, a well-crafted franchisee videos can instill confidence and trust in your future business partners.

2. Short-Form Videos

If ten-minute long videos are a big part of your video strategy in 2024, what are you doing? Video content is getting shorter and shorter and shorter. Short-form video–think 90 seconds, 30 seconds, and even 10 second videos–are an integral part of the media landscape for B2B and B2C marketers alike. With shrinking attention spans and the prevalence of mobile consumption, capturing your audience’s attention quickly is paramount.

3. Vertical Videos

Likewise, vertical videos should have at least as much consideration in your video strategy as horizontal. Your prospects are finding you not on TV or their desktop computers anymore, but on mobile. Meet them where they are with vertical videos. Film directly with the 9by16 aspect ratio in mind, or take the extra time and creativity to edit a cut using 16by9 video in creative ways like we did for this teaser for How Crispy Express. Captions are a best practice too, letting your viewer consume video content on mute while they’re on the go.

4. Case Study Videos

Video can help make your case study sing. While case studies have long been the bread and butter of B2B marketing, leveraging video can elevate their effectiveness to new heights. By featuring real-world examples, testimonials, and quantifiable results, case study videos provide valuable social proof and credibility to prospective clients. This video from a Bread n’ Butter project for NCR showcases their technology in action, demonstrating how their tech can be used for business solutions in the real world.

5. Explainer Videos

Video makes hard-to-understand concepts easier to digest and understand. Animation can help simplify complex products, and adds a layer of creativity and personality to your message. This video from the video production company Vidico adds in punchy, colorful animation to bring ForGood’s mission to life.

6. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are also an invaluable asset for B2B marketers. Use them to demonstrate and explain product features and provide step-by-step instructions for complicated processes. By addressing common pain points and offering practical solutions, tutorial videos help build trust and credibility with your customers.

7. Social Impact Videos

In a still competitive job market, how do you increase retention and build brand loyalty among your employees? It’s taking time to give back, and making sure you take the extra step investing in video to showcase those social impact stories.